Residential Shelters

We at Shelter In Place are very aware of the concerns and realities of crisis events that can come upon any of us in our homes.

As is the situation of real lifesaving shelter safety for kids in schools, accessibility within 30 seconds or less is of critical importance… And, likewise the only way to have true safety at home is to have real lifesaving shelter immediately accessible within seconds. “Seconds To Safety” is literally the difference between “Life and Death” during crisis events.
Our customized Bullet Proof & Natural Disaster Proof Safe Room Shelters are a wonderful solution to real safety at home, just as they are for real safety for kids in schools.

Though we feel our shelters are best possible real & reasonable solution for personal safety at home, being created from the finest ballistic & structurally strong and safe steel, also other high quality materials and components for our air circulation/ ventilation systems, audio/video cameras & monitor, back up power, etc. – they are expensive. But… what is the value of real lifesaving safety for ourselves and those we love.

We are happy to customize one of our maximum security Safe Room Shelters to meet unique residential needs.

We are also very pleased that we will soon be announcing that we have formally entered into an official joint venture type agreement with another good company that has created lower cost space safer residential shelters that we will be offering as a lower cost residential option. These shelters are not as strong and safe nor as comfortable or as quickly accessible as ours are, but they are a great lower price option, and are much better than no shelter option at home.