**Disclaimer** The primary component of our classroom shelters is multiple layers of hardened ballistic steel.  Because of fluctuating steel prices, due to the recent steel tariffs, the price of steel is still settling into its adjusted price.  That said, we know you need a “ballpark” estimate for budgeting purposes.  The ballpark figures below are discounted for schools.  For residential pricing, please visit our residential partner page.


Because the size of kids varies between elementary to high school, the shelter sizes/costs change as well. However, a good ‘average’ number to use for general budgeting purposes is $1,000 per student/teacher (for elementary schools it will be a little less, and for high schools it will be a little more).


For example, if we look at a middle school classroom that has 20 students and 1 teacher, the rough shelter cost for that room would be about $21,000.  Similar calculations can be used to estimate the cost for any other space in the school, including common areas like cafeterias, gyms, libraries, etc.



Some points to consider…


  1. This is a one time investment that will last for generations.
  2. When considering your school safety/hardening options, remember that with one investment in Shelter-In-Place shelters you can protect against all things active shooter AND mother nature.
  3. In order to provide complete protection against bullets and natural disasters, a certain standard of materials and engineering must be used.  This comes at a cost, but it’s an investment that’s worth making.
  4. Given the cost of the shelters, most districts/schools need to consider this as a capital improvement investment that in some cases requires supplemental funding (a bond, county taxes, grants, private funding, etc.)
  5. The turnaround time for delivery/installation is around 3-4 months.  It may be more or less depending on the number of shelters ordered and our current production queue.


What Next?


If you would like us to put together a quote for your specific district/school, please contact us