Give The Gift Of Safety

100% of the funds we receive will go toward providing bulletproof storm shelters to schools in need.  It’s an investment that will go toward protection and peace of mind for generations of students, educators, and parents.






Be A Hero. Save Lives.

In an effort to provide life-saving shelters for all, Shelter-In-Place utilizes an established 501(c)(3).  All funds raised will go toward providing shelters to schools that would not otherwise be able to afford them.  No matter the size of your donation, you will be able to track which shelters your investment helped fund.  We’ll send you information about where they were installed, the number of students and staff protected, and pictures of the installed shelter.

For smaller donations (less than $1000), the following two services can be used:


For larger donations, we utilize bank-to-bank transfers via Chase bank.  If you would like to make a donation over $1,000 or if you would like a tax-deduction receipt, please fill out the form below.











Need A Tax Deduction Receipt? Please fill out the form.